Live Blog: TED Talk “Why 30 is not the new 20”

Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist who specializes in adult development, begins her TED Talk on taking your 20s seriously.

-There are 50 million twenty-somethings in the US right now.

-Your 20s are an important period in your life- 80% of life’s most defining moments take place by age 35.

-“Claiming your 20s is one of the simplest, but most transformative things you can do.”

-Although society and journalists tend to trivialize this period of life, it is an important period of adult development and crucial for your happiness later in life.

-Putting off career plans and wasting time with relationships can lead to a crisis as your 30s approach and your friends begin to settle down. Preparing and planning in your 20s can alleviate stress and help you get a good career and have a happy marriage.

-Jay lists three things that every twenty-something deserves to hear:

1) Don’t worry about identity crises and focus on building identity capital. Invest in yourself and have experiences and build skills that will add value to who you are.

2) Explore your weak ties and take advantage of them. Step outside of your established network and get to know new people, it may lead to new opportunities.

3) It is time to start picking your family. Be as intentional with love as you are with work.

-“Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do. You’re deciding your life right now.”


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