Halloween Wine: A Trick or a Treat?

Spoiler alert: I hate Halloween. I jump when people sneeze loudly, never mind when zombies with chainsaws deliberately try and frighten you.  Once when I was forced to go on a haunted hayride I hid under a blanket in the fetal position so no one could try and scare me.

Even though it’s not my favorite holiday, my friends still insisted on celebrating this year. When we went to the liquor store, I went straight to the wine section where I saw this:

zombie zinfandel

Zombie Zinfandel. As one of those people who will only eat pumpkin in October and November and peppermint in December, how could I pass up the opportunity to drink Halloween wine on Halloween?

However, this apparent treat soon became a trick. Perhaps if I wasn’t so excited and had read the label a little bit closer, I wouldn’t have made an impulse buy.

zombie zin

First of all, I hate blackberries. And combining them with Zinfandel grapes, cedar and black pepper is not a winning flavor profile in my mind. But of course, I did not look at the back label until after I had already poured myself a glass and tasted it for myself.

Sadly, it was more of a trick than a treat. Although the blackberries made the wine a deep blood-red color, I did not appreciate the acidity and sourness that they brought to the wine. I made my friends (who are fellow wine-lovers) try it and they agreed. Too sour and not drinkable was the general consensus. I did not finish my glass and no one wanted my leftovers.

Now I know to be more cautious with seasonally-labeled wine. Although I was a victim of a cruel trick this year, I will be sure to be vigilant in the future and actually put the knowledge I have about reading wine labels to work!


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