Beginning my Life on the Grapevine

Hello! My name is Kacie and as a college student in Boston who just turned 21, I am interested in using my new legality to explore and learn about the mysterious world of wine. I’m originally from Maine and grew up in a house where the only alcohol you would find was the occasional Sam Adams that would appear in my dad’s hands during a particularly stressful Patriots game.

However, I have long been interested in the magical world of sunny vineyards, French sommeliers and girl talk. Though I’m not exactly sure what made me decide that drinking wine was fancy and luxurious (Kathie Lee and Hoda perhaps?), since turning 21 I have decided to ditch my illusions about wine culture and discover what it is really all about.

So that is my desire for this blog: to immerse myself in wine culture and share my findings on the web. Although I know that red grapes make red wine, there is so much I would like to learn about the wine-making process. For example, for health reasons, I would like to know if people still use their bare feet to stomp on grapes.

And of course I want to go to a wine (and cheese!) tasting and find out what it really means when someone says a wine is “oaky” or “dry” and be able to use those terms accurately by myself. Pairing the perfect wine with the perfect meal seems like it could be an important life skill or at least a neat party trick.

I certainly can’t be the only person who has struggled with a corkscrew and am also interested in learning about the latest wine technology and gadgets that could assist me on my educational foray into wine culture.

I hope to use “Life on the Grapevine” to chronicle my findings as I enter the sophisticated world of wine and put an end to the intimidating “wine snob” stereotype.  Whether it is a $3 bottle of Trader Joe’s wine or a $1,000 French Bordeaux, wine brings people together from all over the world and I can’t wait to learn more about this ancient and elegant beverage.


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